Every year, we try to provide rich courses that provide students with the opportuntiy to investigate highly engaging topics. 

Program Descriptions: 

3D Art Design Program 

Students will become familiar with the tools and techniques needed for creating digital sculpture. Students will be exposed to a series of exercises in programs like Sculptris and Sketchup, as they work to develop artistic and architectural small scale 3D prints. 



Robotics I


Students will work in collaborative teams to construct, refine and program Lego’s newest robot, the EV3. The students will participate in a hands-on, minds-on approach to problem solving. Lego Expansion Packs are available to offer differentiated opportunities for students. 



Robotics  II

This course is designed for students interested in taking the next step in robotics, coding and 3D printing. Students will learn how to wire the Arduino to a breadboard and motors and mount it onto bodies printed on district 3D printers. Notes:

*Class is limited to eight students per session 

*Prerequisite: only students that have completed the Robotics class will be permitted to take Advanced Robotics and Arduinos.



Science in the Real World 

Real World Sci.jpgStudents will be introduced to a variety of biological and chemical science research methods including experimentation. Students will engage in science and engineering performances and use core ideas in science to support explanations for real world phenomena. Hands on experiments! 



Structures: Bridge Building 

This program offers fantastic opportunities for collaborative and individual problem solving in an interactive learning environment.  Students will examine the characteristics of stable and unstable structures before designing and crushing their own bridges.  They will learn about various types of bridges and discover how forces are distributed for maximum efficiency. Note: Class is limited to ten students per session