the person who wrote (or created) something

a list of sources where you found information when doing research (usually sources are listed on the last page of your report)

something that is not true, something fake

BOOLEAN  (For example: AND, OR, NOT)
special words that give a person more control over Search Engine results

BOT or ROBOT (see also: SPIDER)
a special computer program that Search Engines use to find information on the Internet

an activity where you
make a note of anything that comes into your mind, no matter how silly it might seem; a great way to begin a project

A browser is a software program that lets you explore the World Wide Web to find text, graphics, sound, movies, games, chats and more.
A browser helps you link to pages on websites around the world. To find a website, type in a URL (web address) or click a link or a button in the toolbar.