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Salem Health 
This link leads to the contents of
         Magill’s Medical Guide, seventh edition                                  

This encyclopedia covers a full range of medical topics: bacterial and fungal infections; cancers; genetic defects; heart and circulatory disorders; abdominal and gastrointestinal disorders; bone and muscle defects; brain and nervous system problems; dental diseases; eating and nutritional disorders; endocrine disorders; immune disorders; kidney and urinary system disorders; liver disorders; reproductive system disorders of both men and women; respiratory disorders; sexually transmitted diseases; skin disorders; sleep disorders; trauma-related disorders; vector-borne diseases; visual disorders; psychological, emotional, and learning disorders that affect physical health of the body.  

       (To log into Salem Health, click the link above, then type the NOVEL EBSCO PASSWORD without the last letter. When the new page opens, type your topic in the search box.)


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