This link leads to

         Encyclopedia Americana

         Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia

         The New Book of Knowledge

       as well as  clickable maps, dictionary, thesaurus, current events, games, Today in History, Pro and Con (debate starters), world newspapers.

Other databases:

       La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre   

       The New Book of Popular Science   

          America the Beautiful   

        Lands and Peoples   

          Amazing Animals of the World   

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Contains over 140 books and magazines.  Most are easier to read for research.  Also includes the American Heritage Dictionary.

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This link leads to various databases including
       Academic OneFile
         General One File
         Popular Magazines

         Custom Newspapers
         New York State Newspapers
         InfoTrac Newstand

         National Newspaper Index

         Business and Company ASAP
         General Business File ASAP

         Small Business Collection

         Computer Database

         Diversity Studies Collection

         Environmental Studies and Policy Collection

         Fine Arts and Music Collection

         Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture Collection

         General Science Collection

         Health Reference Center Academic

         Nursing and Allied Health Collection

         Psychology Collection

         Military and Intelligence Database

         Business Insights: Essentials           

         Kids InfoBits

        Opposing Viewpoints in Context plus additional subject databases

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Gannett Newstand

Contains over 85 Gannett newspapers, six of which are from New York State. They are Ithaca Journal, Poughkeepsie  Journal, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Journal News (White Plains), Press and Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton) and Star-Gazette (Elmira).

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This link leads to
      Gale Virtual Reference Library    

                  Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film

                  Encyclopedia of World Biography

                  CaseBase 2012 (business studies)

                  Encyclopedia of Education

                  Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loans: A Guide to Education Related Financial Aid Programs for Students and Professions

                  American Decades (1900-1999)

                  History Behind the Headlines (background on public issues prior to 2003)

                  New Dictionary of Ideas (a survey of Western thought and culture)

                  American Law Yearbook (law cases, biographies of legal figures and government appointees)

                  Novels for Students (critical overview of dozens of novels taught in schools and colleges)

                  The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine

                  UXL Encyclopedia of Drugs and Addictive Substances

                  Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations (covers 194 countries and dependencies, plus biographies of national leaders)

                  Encyclopedia of Religion

                  Alternative Energy

        Gale Science in Context

        Testing & Education Reference Center

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Auto Repair Reference Center 
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Salem Press   

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For science, mathematics, health and music:

          Magill’s Medical Guide, seventh edition                                  

          Addictions & Substance Abuse   

          Encyclopedia of Mathematics and Society                                  

        Musicians and Composers of the 20th Century

For literature:  Critical Insights
By theme:


         Good & Evil     

         Literature of Protest   

           The Slave Narrative   

           Technology & Humanity    

By  author:
          Arthur Miller  

            Jane Austen
            Nathaniel Hawthorne
            Stephen King                  

            Toni Morrison

            Tim O'Brien
            Tennessee Williams    

By specific works of literature:
            Canterbury Tales  
            Death of a Salesman
            Fahrenheit 451      

            The Great Gatsby
            The Inferno

            Jane Eyre   

            A Streetcar Named Desire 
To Kill a Mockingbird


Other literature publications:

             Magill's Literary Annual, 1977-2013

             Critical Survey of Mythology and Folklore

                  Heroes and Heroines  

                  Love, Sexuality, and Desire


For American History by decade: 
       The Thirties in America

         The Forties in America
         The Fifties in America
         The Sixties in America
         The Seventies in America
         The Eighties in America
         The Nineties in America

         The 2000s in America


for American History by documents:  

       Defining Documents in American History: World War I (1914-1919)


ABC-CLIO Social Studies Databases 

This link leads to
        American Government
        American History
        World History: Ancient
        World History: Modern

         World Religions       

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Teen Health and Wellness: Real Life, Real Answers
Provides up-to-date information and self-help tools on diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, fitness, mental health, diversity and family, school and work . 
           (To log to this database, click the link, then type the NOVEL EBSCO ID and password in the upper right corner. Press enter. When the screen loads, you're ready to go.)

A portal to thousands of multimedia resources that enhance your reading experiences: find author interviews, book guides and lesson plans, video book trailers, audio and video book readings, pronunciation of names, booklists, and authors' personal websites and blogs.  
           (To log to this database, click the link, skip the ID box and type the Teaching Books password.)




Covers the relationship between human beings and the environment with topics ranging across global warming, recycling, alternative fuels, and more. Information has been gathered from scholarly and general level journals as well as government documents and reports. It draws on the disciplines such as agriculture, education, law, health and technology. Produced by EBSCO. 
           (No password needed to log in to this database.)

Teacher Reference Center (TRC)
Indexes and abstracts 260 titles from the most popular teacher and administrator trade journals, periodicals, and books. It covers topics such as assessment, continuing education, current pedagogical research, curriculum development, instructional media, language arts, literacy standards, science & mathematics, and more for K-12 teachers and librarians. Produced by EBSCO. 
           (No password needed to log into this database.)

Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA)
Indexes books, journals, and reports on libraries and information management. Produced by EBSCO. 
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