American History Common Core Project

Ms. M. Petroutsos, Ms. S. Baker, Ms. N. Bellomo, Mr. Engelson

April, 2014

Here are some starters for the" Roaring Twenties". Come in and have some fun. Library will be open all day Friday, April 11, for students starting this project. Be sure you are familiar with the contents of the yellow "Library FAQs" sheet.

If you cannot find what you need, talk to Ms. Stein or Ms. Hull. We can always add more good "stuff" to this page. We will check the "contact" box over spring break for late questions. Good luck!  


DATABASES (switch over to Library Databases page for these links)


Grolier Online (Look at both articles on the “Roaring Twenties” and follow the web links)

ABC-CLIO Social Studies: American History “Roaring Twenties” and more…

Opposing Viewpoints (catch the Charleston video!) hint: think NOVEL GALE

GaleVirtualReferenceLibrary includes the American Decades volume on the 1920s in electronic  form. Or use the print copy in the library. Hint: think EDISON GALE

Salem Literature: Critical Insights includes a critical volume on Gatsby in electronic form. Or use the print copy in the library.





SweetSearch Biographies

SweetSearch Social Studies  100 Great Sites

SweetSearch  the “basic” model…

Digital Public of America  Explore by date, place, or exhibitions. Will blow your mind!

DuckDuckGo The search engine that does not track you.

EasyBib  It has 59 options and you will be using many that you have never used before!

Keep track of what you have seen…start a “preliminary bibliography” page…and most of all…CITE BEFORE YOU WRITE!


Discovery Learning 




Ref. 304.235 R                    Twentieth-Century Teen Culture by the Decades

Ref. 305.4 Y                         From Ballots to Breadlines: American Women 1920-1920 (Young Oxford History of Women in the United States)

Ref. 305.4 C                        The Encyclopedia of Women’s History  

Ref 391 H                             A History of Fashion and Culture in the Twentieth Century

Ref 427.09 D                       Flappers to Rappers:  American Youth Slang

Ref 641.5973 M                 Cooking in America, 1840-1945 (Daily Life in History)

Ref 659.1 J                           Those Were the Good Old Days: A Sumptuous Collection of Advertisements…

Ref 796.097 H                     The Encyclopedia of North American Sports History

Ref 796.973 S                     Sports in Amrica: 1920-1939 (A Decade-by-Decade History)

Ref 813.52 G                       Understanding the Great Gatsby: A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and

Historical Documents

Ref 813.52 G                       The Great Gatsby (Critical Insights) also available on Library Database page

Ref 917.471 W                   AIA Guide to New York City

Ref 973 D                             Entering the Industrial Age, 1869-1933 (Debatable Issues in U.S. History)

Ref 973 H                             War, Peace and All That Jazz, 1918-1945 (A History of US)

Ref 973.03 W                        What Happened? An Encyclopedia of Events That Changed America Forever (volume 4)

Ref 973.19 A                       The Annals of America: 1916-1928, World War and Prosperity

Ref 973.19 A                       The Annals of America: 1929-1939, The Great Depression

Ref 973.9 A                         America in the Twentieth Century, 1920-1929

Ref 973.91 E                        Encyclopedia of the Jazz Age: From the End of WWI to the Great Crash

Ref 973.91 K                       Daily Life in the United States, 1920-1939 Decades of Promise and Pain

Ref 973.91 P                       Presidents from Theodore Roosevelt Through Coolidge 1901-1929

Ref 973.91 U                       UXL American Decades, 1920-1929

Ref 973.921 T                     20th Century America: Reform, War and Peace 1901-1929

Ref 974.7 E                          The Encyclopedia of New York City

Ref 974.7 M                        Building New York

Ref 974.71 H                       The Historical Atlas of New York City

Ref 974.71 S                        Lost New York

Ref 974.71 W                      New York, Then and Now

302.23 P                               20’s and 30’s Entertainment for All (The History of Communication)      

305.4 S                                  Women of the Roaring Twenties

305.42 S                                The Day the Women Got the Vote

322.4 I                                   Hoods: The Story of the Ku Klux Klan

345.73 H                               The Scopes Monkey Trial, A Headline Court Case

345.73 R                               The Sacco-Vanzetti Trial

347.737 L                              Crime and Detection: Famous Trials (Leopold and Loeb; Sacco and Vanzetti)

363.4 P                                  Prohibition

363.4 W                                Prohibition: Banning Alcohol

388.5 B                                  The Stock Market Crash of 1929 (Great Disasters)

338.5 C                                  The Crash of 1929 (At Issue in History)

338.5 M                                The Crash of 1929 (World Disasters)

391 B                                     20th Century Fashion: The 20’s and 30’s Flappers and Vamps                      

391.009 B                             1920’s Fashion from B. Altman and Company

391.009 H                             Fashions of the Decade: The 1920’s

391.2 S                                 History of Women’s Costume

391.4 W                                The Mode in Footwear

629.1 R                                  True Aviation Stories (see Lindbergh)

629.13 D                               Picture History of Aviation on Long Island, 1908-1938

629.13 S                                Long Island Air Crashes, 1909-1959

629.22 G                               A World of Wheels: Vintage Years 1920-1930

629.22 S                                New York City Fire Trucks

659.1 W                                The 100 Greatest Advertisements 1852-1958

700.89 C                               The Harlem Renaissance

700.89 W                              The Harlem Renaissance: Hub of African American Culture 1920-1930

704 H                                     Harlem Renaissance-Art of Black America

707 B                                     Bauhaus 1919-1928        

709 A                                     Art Deco-An Illustrative Guide  to the Decorative Style 1920-40

709.04 M                              Surrealism-Eye on Art

720.973 H                             American Architecture

720.314 A                             Luxury Apartment Houses of Manhattan

728.7 P                                  90 Houses of the 20’s

728.7 B                                  101 Classic Homes of the Twenties

741.68 S                                The Very Best From Hallmark-Greeting Cards Through the Years

780.9 H                                 20th Century Music: 20’s and 30’s

810.9 B                                  Black American Poets and Dramatists

810.9 H                                 Haarlem Stomp-A Cultural History of the Harlem Renaissance

812.13 M                              Famous American Plays of the 20’s

813.52 R                               Readings on F. Scott Fitzgerald

813.5 R                                  Readings on The Great Gatsby

813.53 V                               Twentieth Century Writers: 1900-1950

909.82 C                               Twentieth Century (Great Ages of Man) see Lindbergh

973.91 N                               The 1920s (America’s Decades)

973.91 R                               The Roaring Twenties (History Firsthand)

973.91 R                               The Roaring Twenties (Turning Points in History)

973.91 T                                The Roaring 20s (Voices from America’s Past)

974.71 R                               The Financial District’s Lost Neighborhood, 1900-1970

B HUG                                   Langston Hughes: Poet

B HUG                                   Langston Hughes: A  Biography

B HUG                                   The Big Sea: An Autobiography



PL F FIT                                 The Great Gatsby, narrated…(Playaway)  Bring your own headphones.



                                             Harlem Renaissance

                                             Immigration: 1870-1930

                                             Labor Movement in America

                                             1920s America Enters the Modern Age: Culture, Politics, Art, Money


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