Investigating the Holocaust  --  Reading Elie Wiesel's book Night


Suggested online sources:

ABC-CLIO Social Studies Databases (link on Library Databases page)

Grolier Online  (link on Library Databases page)

Finding Dulcinea 

          Suggested searches:   Judaism

                                         World War II  (then look for the section on the Holocaust on that page.)

          Best link:  Yad Vashem website

(Hint: Be sure to take home a copy of the database password so you can work from home.)


Suggested print resources:


     Nazi Party:

               The Nazis (943.086 L)

               Kristallnacht: Prelude to Destruction (940.53 G)               


     Adolph Hitler:

               Adolf Hitler: a Study in Hate (B HIT)

               Hitler and his Henchmen: Profiles in History (943.086 H)

               The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler (B HIT)


     The Holocaust:

               Daily Life During the Holocaust (Ref. 940.04 S)

               Holocaust: The Events and Their Impact on Real People (940.53 W)

               Propaganda and Mass Persuasion (Ref. 303.3 C)

               Smoke and Ashes: The Story of the Holocaust (940.53 R)  



               Judaism (296 ROS)

               The Encyclopedia of World Religions (Ref. 200.3 E)



               The Holocaust Ghettos (940.53 A)

               Notes From the Warsaw Ghetto... (914.38 R)


     Concentration Camps:

               The Death Camps (940.53 L)

               The Holocaust Camps (940.53 B)

               The Holocaust: Death Camps (940.53 H)


(Hint: Look carefully at the book display when your class visits. We have a wealth of sources that explain the time period and events.)



Other suggestions:


Databases: check additional Library Databases on this website.

Books: check the Destiny catalog (Hint: start with and navigate to Edison)

Search engines:

              (Hint: only after you have exhausted all the sources on Finding Dulcinea)


Need help? Consult your librarians! They are here to help you find answers...