Ms. Doerr  Utopian Societies


 Background reading:

"Utopian Societies." American History. ABC-CLIO, 2016. Web. 29 Mar. 2016. 


Lists of Utopian settlements:

Neither of these lists are complete

Sreenivasan – see Table of Contents

“America and the Utopian Dream” –see link on LibGuide/Jackson State Community College-left side

More suggestions on the LibGuide from Hanover High School. See below.

If you want other choices, see a librarian for more. 


Suggested resources:

Our top three:

Sreenivasan, Jyotna   Utopias in American History  307.77 S

ABC-CLIO Social Studies Databases 

Digital Public Library of America


Best search engine:




American Utopian Societies   


Other resources to consider for specific societies or time periods.


Library of Congress  https:///

Salem Press   Helpful for 60’s communes.

Grolier Online   Helpful for Brook Farm, New Harmony, Kibbutz. Search  utopia* for additional background.

For the more difficult societies, databases in NOVEL GALE may be helpful.


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