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Dear Parents,

Hello and welcome back!

In Physical Education class, your child will be involved in a variety of activities that will develop their physical, motor, and cognitive skills. Students will also gain a strong sense of teamwork, cooperation, and many more values that will be useful in everyday life.


The importance and value of regular physical activity is being recognized more than ever before in America. Also being recognized is the awareness that childhood is the time to begin the development of active, healthy, lifestyles.  Children do not automatically develop these skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors that lead to regular and enjoyable participation in physical activity. It must be taught to them.


In order for your child to benefit from their physical education program they must be dressed appropriately. Please remember to send your child to school prepared for physical education class. Students must wear sneakers.  Shoes with rubber/extra thick soles, slip on sneakers or sneakers with heels, should not be worn on physical education days.  Fitted sweatpants/shorts are preferred, as loose clothing will only get in the way and could cause harm. Please remember to remove jewelry on PE days.


 The physical education grading policy is based on five components.  These include preparation, skill development, cooperation, safety, and participation. Children can not participate if they are unprepared.  Thus, if your child is not prepared on physical education days it will adversely affect all other grading components.  Below is a list of grading for preparation and participation grading components:


 0-1   unprepared = grade 4 – exceeding NYS Learning Standards

 2-3 unprepared = grade 3 – meeting NYS Learning Standards

 4-5 unprepared = grade 2 – approaching NYS Learning Standards

 6-more unprepared = grade 1 – falling below NYS Learning Standards


Please make note of the days that your child will attend physical education to ensure full participation in every class.


Thank you for your cooperation.



Mr Brosokas