Daily 5 is all about Literacy Learning.

Children were taught in the beginning of the year how to work independently on the following activities each day:

  • Read to Self quietly
  • Read to Someone (partner)
  • Listen to Reading (recorded stories on tape or computer)
  • Work on Writing (stories, lists, correspondence, topics, etc.)
  • Work on Words (spelling)

Once these routines were learned, the teachers began to work with individuals and small groups to focus on new learning and improve skills. Each morning, children select which Daily 5 activity they wish to explore. After 15 or 20 minutes the chimes ring and everyone chooses a different activity. This routine is repeated during the entire 60-90 reading block each day.

Whole group instruction is accomplished between rounds and small group instruction occurs during each round.

Children keep a collection of leveled reading books in their book boxes to use during Daily 5. They may choose new books when needed and also get new books during their reading group time which we call "book club".