Easiteach Lessons

These lessons are available for teacher and student use on the interactive whiteboards.  To view and/or save the lessons, click on the hyperlinked lesson and at the prompt, save the lesson to your computer.

NOTE: Some lessons will take longer than others to download depending on their file size.

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Early Childhood/Early Elementary Upper Elementary/Middle      Miscellaneous    
Grade 1 Fundations Telling Time Who Wants To Be a Millionaire
(from the RM Education site)
Grade 1 Fundations (copy-able) Row of Coins (Math)
(Critical Thinking Skills)
Jeopardy template (Easiteach)
Grade 2 Fundations  Maps of the World Graphic Organizers (KWL, Venn, T charts)
Grade 2 Fundations (copy-able)  Three Branches of Government lesson  
Creating Patterns (K-2)  Food Chains/Webs  
Elkonin (Gr. 1)    



Seasonal/Holiday Easiteach Activities       
 Counting Pumpkins & Apples   K-1
 Counting/Adding Pumpkins & Apples            Gr. 1
Halloween Patterns   K-1 
Halloween Size Order  K
Christmas Counting Tree  K-1
 Gingerbread Addition (adding doubles) Gr. 1
 Holiday Counting Tree - NEW  Gr. 1