Embedding Youtube Videos in NY Learns


NYLearns.org includes a feature to allow users to bring a youtube video into any page on your website.  This feature comes in handy if you wish to include an educational video for students, but want to avoid all the advertising that may show up on youtube.com itself.  The video will embed into your page with no advertising or extra information from youtube included.  (SEE THE SAMPLE EMBEDDED VIDEO BELOW)

The steps below will guide you through the embedding process (or click on the PDF file below to download and/or print the directions with pictures):

Embedding Youtube Videos in NY Learns Websites (with pictures)

Part I.

  1. Navigate to the youtube video to be included on your site.
  2. Below the video, click on the 'Share' button and then the button labeled ‘Embed.’
  3. Right-click on the highlighted HTML code of the video and select ‘Copy.’

Part II.

  1. In another web browser window, open your NY Learns website builder.  Click on the ‘Edit’ button next to an existing page to include the video or create a new page.
  2. In the content area of the page (where you would usually include text and/or images), click on the tool labeled ‘HTML.’
  3. Right-click anywhere in the HTML code window and select ‘Paste.’
  4. Click the ‘Update’ button in the lower left of this window.
  5. You will automatically be returned to the editing section for this page where you can add any titles or other information relevant to this video.  Click ‘Save.’


How to Embed Youtube Videos in NY Learns

 (video to come)