New York Learns is a digital resource for educators.  Users can find various tools such as a simple class website creation tool, an online filing cabinet for your documents (Word, PDF, PowerPoint, etc.), curriculum mapping tools, and the ability to create tests and assessments based on previous years' New York state assessments (all grade levels.)

The instructions provided will guide you through some of the basic features on how to get started with NYLearns.

LOGGING IN:  If you have a NYLearns account, your username is generally your first initial followed by last name (some usernames may have a number immediately after.)  Temporary passwords will have been sent to your school email account once your NYLearns account has been created.  If you do not remember your password or experience difficulty logging in, please click on the 'Forgot Password' link on the NYLearns homepage.


Basic Instructions for NYLearns


1. Log into www.nylearns.org with your assigned username and password
provided by NYLearns.
2. Click on the ‘My Profile’ box near the right side of the screen.
3. Next to the ‘Personal Information’ heading, click on ‘Change password.’
Enter your current password and new password. Click ‘Save.’


NY Learns ePortfolio & Website Builder "Cheat" Sheet

Basic Instructions to Transfer MS FrontPage Content to NY Learns


More features of NY Learns Website Builder

Adding News & Annoucements