StarBoard Troubleshooting Tips


If you find your StarBoard is not working properly or not at all, the below instructions can help you get the board working properly.

Q:  HELP!  My StarBoard keeps popping up with a message saying the StarBoard is not connected!

A:  Sometimes your board will lose connectivity if something is blocking or in front of the board (i.e. something is resting on it or a paper/pen is resting on the bottom section of the board.)  Make sure nothing is blocking the board at all.  If this is not the case, clean the the three white reflector strips on either side and bottom of the board with a clean tissue (one that is lotion-free.)  Restart the computer.


Q:  I'm trying to open a program on the StarBoard, but nothing is happening!

A:  On either side of the StarBoard, you will see a vertical line of buttons or tools.  The very top tool looks like a hand with a pen.  This tool, if pressed, will LOCK your StarBoard, meaning nothing will work on the board at all.  To unlock the board, press this button once and try touching something on the screen.  Does the arrow follow your finger on the screen?


If not, press the button again (try the same button on the other side of the board.)  Test the board by opening something from the StarBoard.