Using Easiteach on the Hitachi StarBoard


  RM Easiteach is an interactive program that can be used to create engaging, hands-on lessons with students.

Some of the features include:

  • The ability to create cloze note activities
  • Use of already-created graphic organizers
  • Built-in word and clipart banks
  • Punctuation/capital letter removal/insertion activities
  • Word/sentence builder cards
  • Grids, graph paper, number lines, rulers, place value cards, shapes to illustrate patterns, etc.


The following links will provide guides to some of the basic and also more complex features on using Easiteach to create media-rich and interactive lessons.



Basic Toolbar Functions (labeled)
Subject-Specific Toolbars (labeled)
 Changing the Background to a Picture
 Making Objects or Text "Copy-able"