Quick and Easy Ways to Use a Ladibug in the Classroom




How can I use a Ladibug in my classroom?

  • Zoom into dissections or other small items to examine details—take a ‘snapshot’ and add your own notes and annotations!  Save as a PDF and link to a website or distribute to absent students.
  • Use the ‘record’ feature and record mini-lessons of dissections, models, working out scientificor mathematical equations.  Link to a class website for student review.
  • Have students present group or individual work, science experiments (i.e. creating a working circuit), and/or teach a mini-lesson on a topic studied.
  • Model how to use a graphing calculator or other tool (rulers,  compasses, thermometers etc.)
  • Alternative to using a traditional scanner—take a snapshot of a paper copy and save as a picture or PDF.
  • Display student class/homework for class evaluation. Highlight, draw, and underline without actually leaving marks on the actual document.


 Ladibugs in the Classroom

Elementary School - Whole Class Reading

Demo of Science Experiment using a Ladibug