What is Symbaloo?

Symbaloo is a free visual bookmarking site that allows you to compile all your favorite websites into one visual interface.

How can I use Symbaloo?
In addition to creating a visual page of tiles that include all of your own favorite websites, you can assemble separate Symbaloo pages for your students - ranging from sites most used in your class to more specific Symbaloo pages that focus on one area of study (i.e. a compilation of sites/videos on WWI, the study of mammals, an author study, etc.)

What else is available in Symbaloo?
While a fairly new resource, you can search the Symbaloo gallery and find many Symbaloo webmixes that others have created and share on many curriculum topics you may cover in your own class.  You can add these webmixes to your own Symbaloo favorites.

Video Tutorials on Symbaloo
(Click the links below to view video tutorials on Symbaloo) 

Create your SymbalooEDU account


Creating a Webmix


Adding Tiles to a Webmix


Sharing Your Webmix


Changing the Webmix Background (& Other Settings)


Searching for Webmixes in the Gallery


Re-Publishing Your Webmix after Making Changes