OneNote Class Notebook:  The Add-Ins


There are two new 'add-ins' for OneNote Class Notebook that will help teachers better manage their notebooks.  The first add-in, the 'Class Notebook' add-in, provides means of mass distributing pages from the Content Library to all students in the notebook - all at once.  There are also tools to allow for the creation of a new section in all student notebooks, as well as the ability to review student notebook work with greater ease.

Installing the 'Class Notebook Add-In' (only available for OneNote 2013 and 2016):

  1.   Make sure OneNote is closed on the computer/device.
  2.   Go to to access the download.
  3.   For a video demonstration of the installation process, click here.


Using The Class Notebook Add-In


Distributing a Content Library Page to ALL Students


Pushing Out a New, Blank Notebook Section to All Students

Reviewing Student Work With Ease



Distributing Content to GROUPS of Students