Office 365 encompasses all the Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) for subscribers to use via the internet.  The online version of these familar tools also include 'cloud' storage (OneDrive) of all your saved documents - allowing users to access their files wherever they might have internet access.  In addition to the online access to these tools, users also have the ability to share and collaborate on documents in real time.

The tutorials below will teach you the basics of using Office 365.  In addition, you will find printable guides to help you navigate this online productivity tool.  Click here to access printable quick guides.


Office 365 Tutorials - Click on a link below to watch
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Logging into Office 365 Creating Folders in OneDrive 
Creating the First Document Uploading Folders to OneDrive (using Chrome)
Uploading Files to OneDrive 
(updated 2019)
Student Review: Logging in and Editing in Office 365
Sharing/Collaborating in Office 365  Sharing Documents with NON-Office 365 Users



Logging into Office 365



Creating Your First Online Document


Uploading Files/Folders to your OneDrive Space in Office 365 

(updated 2019) 





Sharing and Collaborating on Documents in Office 365



Sharing a Document with NON-Office 365 Users



 Creating Folders in OneDrive



Uploading ENTIRE Folders to OneDrive (Using Google Chrome Web Browser)


Student Review:  Accessing 365 & Editing a Document