Objective:  To assess students’ understandings of the major themes and concepts of A Raisin in the Sun Act 1, Scene 1.




A Raisin in the sun act 1 scene 1 quiz




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Part 1:  Multiple Choice – Circle the answer that makes the most sense (1/2 point each)


1.  The Younger family lives in:

A.  Compton                      B. Southside Chicago               C. Brooklyn                 D.  Nigeria

2.      In the first argument we see between Ruth and Walter, Ruth complains that Walter is not eating his:

A.  Eggs                       B.  Toast                                  C.  Oatmeal                  D.  Liquor

3.      Beneatha is going to school to become a:

A.  Nurse                     B.  Cultural Anthropologist      C.  Doctor                    D.  Teacher

4.      The business Walter wants to start is a:

A.  Bodega                   B.  Gun Shop                           C.  Limo Service          D.  Liquor Store

5.      When Travis asks Walter for fifty cents, Walter:

A.  Gives him $1         B. Gives him $0.50      C.  Gives him nothing              D.  Tells him to earn it

6.      When Mama tells Ruth to call in sick to work, she suggests Ruth tell her boss that she has the flu because:

      A.  It is a common problem that time of year              B.  She has used up all of her other excuses    C.  It sounds “respectable” to white people                    D.  Ruth really has the flu


7.      Walter Senior is/was Mama’s:

A.  Husband                B.  Son                                     C.  Uncle                     D.  Father

8.      Which is the hobby that Beneatha has not tried out yet:

A.  Horseback riding                B.  Guitar                     C.  Acting                    D.  Dancing

9.      What family does Beneatha describe as “snobby black people”:

A.  The Murchisons                 B.  The Asaguis                       C.  The Youngers         D.  Both A and B

10.   Mama slaps Beneatha because Beneatha:

A.  Curses                    B.  Has slapped Mama             C. Denies God             D. Stole from her


Part 2:  Essay (5 points)


On the back of this paper, write a one-paragraph response to one of the following questions (be sure to give specific examples from the text to support your response).  On this page, circle the essay choice you have picked.


§  What concepts might “liquor” symbolize in the play?

§  How does Walter’s current job affect both his pride and his need for more money?

§  How does Walter show himself to be a sexist character?

§  How does Walter’s line “all I have to give him [Travis] is stories about how rich white people live” highlight the themes of both racism and materialism in the play?