Welcome to

Mr. Panek's

Kindergarten, 1st, 7th and 8th Grade Common Core Art Classes

at Westminster Community Charter School,

Buffalo's Best!! 


Any comments, questions, suggestions or ideas about art, classes, clubs or programs;

please feel free to send me an email at



A huge thanks to all the students and faculty that helped me build the set of  



There is no way that I would have been able to finish this build without everyone's help.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Next year's musical (and another ambitious build) has been announced,

WCCS will be presenting:

"Bring It On!"

If you are interested in being apart of this 2015 production,

please me Mr. Panek or Mr. Feldman.


A huge THANK YOU to

for their generous donation of supplies, helping the 8th Graders complete their

Community Legacy Project; "Little Libraries."


Please see Mr. Panek if you are interested in creating a vehicle for the

"Parallel Pass Dragway."

We will be:

Engineering, Building and Racing 1/24th scale electric vehicles

that are capable of reaching speeds upwards to 45mph.


I am looking into building a new track since we lost the last track/cars/components/timing system in the August fire.  Since we do not have an Industrial Arts program, I feel that this is a valuable way to expand upon what is learned in Science, Math, Art and Technology.  It is also a perfect introduction to Engineering, Woodworking and further developing Sportsmanship.

♦  You will learn about alternative fuel vehicles and their importance to the future.

 ♦  You will build a vehicle from the ground up:

♦  Engineer a chassis,

♦  Learn basic electrical skills, how to wire a motor,

♦  Paint and finish your vehicle.

♦  You will learn the history of Drag Racing and why/how many car manufacturers create/use Research and Development (R&D) from the Motorsports arena.

♦  You will run test and tune sessions so that you can go back and improve your build (R&D).

♦  You will be able to qualify your vehicle for the Quick 16 competition at the end of the year, where various prizes/trophies/gift cards could be won.

If this sounds interesting to you, please see Mr. Panek.  I will also have a few finished car examples so you can get an idea of what the end product will look like.