Computer Lab Rules

1. No eating or drinking
2. Listen while teacher is giving directions
3. No horseplaying around the computer
4. Do not abuse the computer or its peripherials
5. Do not go to inappropriate Web sites
6. Save your work every 3 minutes
7. Back up your work in two different places
8. Observe the rule - "3 Before Me"
    Before you ask me a question do the following 3 things:
    1. Go to my Web site - - Web Design>Classwork
         to get information
    2. Do a search in Google
    3. Ask a techno geek classmate or look around the room for information
Answer the following questions:
1. How do you turn on the computer on a desktop Mac?
2. What do you do if the computer doesn't come on?
3. What do you do if your computer freezes?
4. What should you do ever 2 minutes on the computer?
5. If you don't see your mouse move what should you do?
6. How do you save your work?
7. How do you save a copy of your work and where would you save it to?
8. If doing a sound project why would you need headphones in a classroom of thirty people?
9. What is a flash drive and why do you need one?
10. What operating system are you most familar with?