Work for the week of 1/29/19

Aim:Intro to JavaScript: Arrays, Objects, Functions


I. What is Interactivity?

Javascript aids interactivity.

Interactivity: How you the user interacts with the Web site or Web application.
Example- Clicking on a mouse, rolling over a picture and the picture changes, or clicking on a hyperlink.

Post on your Blog. How does the following sites use interactivity in a unique way:
Site1Site 2Site3Site4


II. Check out web site you will research Gerade's site and remix on of his projects for a midterm project.


III. Sign into Khan Academy finish exercises in variable section Variables video.

IV. Do the resizing variables activity

Activity 1

Why pay a fortune teller when you can just program your fortune yourself?

  • Store the following into variables: number of children, partner's name, geographic location, job title.
  • Output your fortune to the screen like so: "You will be a X in Y, and married to Z with N kids."

Period 1 class join with this link




Period 2 class join with this link



More Practice with Javascript.


Friday March 29, 2019

Take Final



 Aim: How can we prepare to add interactivity to our web pages using Javascript?

Do Now: Watch video. Also, Finish Objects and Object Oriented Programming in Khan Academy


Test next Friday Take Test





Aim: How Can We Add Interactivity in our Webpages using Javascript?


Do Now: Watch video


Finish Objects and Object Oriented Programming in Khan Academy


due Friday. Test next Friday. Take review for Test.

Activity: Go to Get ready to make your webpages interactive. Complete the html and javascript review by Wednesday.

Tuesday will check Khan Academy Objects and Oriented Programming assignments


 Take Test May 3, 2019


Aim: How does Typography influence our design choices?

Do Now: Watch video

Activity: Make a business card




Name, address, phone number, email address, website





San Serif, hierarchy,


Be unique with kerning, tracking, leading



Software: Powerpoint, Word, Photoshop, Illustrator


Print out card then label your creative use ofkerning, tracking, leading.


Your website


Advertising in the seventies



June 7th 2019

Aim: How do we modify our websites using Javascript?

Do Now: Look on the slide deck


Activity: Final Project break into groups of four and modify one of your members website using Javascript. Due Wednesday June 12

Final Thursday June 13th 



Final web design




















On your blog use the information gathered from this link to fill out your profile. Go to Click on Student Section- Career Planning Checklists, Find Careers then do the Self-Assessments Section