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Aim: How do we use coordinates to manipulate objects on our screen?


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  • apply: use a given function on some inputs

  • arguments: the inputs to a function; expressions for arguments follow the name of a function

  • circle of evaluation: a diagram of the structure of an expression (arithmetic or code)

  • definitions area: the text box in the Editor, where definitions for values and functions are written

  • editor: software in which you can write and evaluate code

  • error message: information from the computer about errors in code

  • evaluate: perform the computation in an expression, producing an answer

  • evaluates to: the result of computing an expression

  • expression: a computation written in the rules of some language (such as arithmetic, code, or a Circle of Evaluation)

  • function: a mathematical object that consumes inputs and produces an output

  • interactions area: the text box in the Editor, where we enter expressions to evaluate

  • legal expression: code that follows the Code Rules for a language

  • mathematical expression: a computation in arithmetic

  • programming language: a set of rules for writing code that a computer can evaluate

  • value: a specific piece of data, like 5 or "hello"


Aim: How can knowing Contracts, Strings and Images help us understand programming?




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