You have reached the Emergency Information Site

 for the

Lynbrook Public Schools




2:15 PM


The Internet connection between the District Network Center and our Internet Service Provider at Nassau BOCES is down.  This means that the community is unable to access the District website. Staff and students are unable to access email.  Staff members are not able to remote into the network via Citrix. We have contacted Nassau BOCES and are waiting for a status report.  We apologize for any inconvenience this outage is causing. Please check back to this page for additonal updates.


2:30 PM Update

BOCES has restored our connection to the Internet. We are in the process of evaluating if the connection is completely restored.  This site will remain up and be giving updates until we know the connection is fully restored.

5:45 PM Update

The District's connection to the Internet has been restored.  All services are fully functional.  This will be the last message in this series.