Spring Poems


Spring Poems






Spring Rain        By Marchette Chute, from Rhymes About the City



The storm came up so very quick

It couldn’t have been quicker.

I should have brought my hat along,

I should have brought my slicker.


My hair is wet, my feet are wet,

I couldn’t be much wetter.

I fell into a river once

But this is even better.






Spring                  By Harry Behn, from The Little Hill


The last snow is going,

Brooks are overflowing,

And a sunny wind is blowing

Swiftly along.


Through the sky birds are blowing,

On earth green is showing,

You can feel earth growing

So quiet and strong.


A sunny wind is blowing,

Farmer’s busy sowing,

Apple trees are snowing,

And shadows grow long.


Now the wind is slowing,

Cows begin lowing,

Evening clouds are glowing

And dusk is full of song.