Daily School Checklist for home: Grade Two-Room 35


*HW folder- empty the keep home side and check the bring back side, return to back pack.

*Blue dot HW notebook once we have started Fundations HW

*Math Book- do any noted HW and return the book to your back pack with your yellow sheet. Parents look for any helpful hint sheets in the yellow sheet’s protector.

*Sharpen your two pencils (if necessary) and put them in your back pack

*Talk about your behavior choices for the day with a parent and set a goal for a great day tomorrow.

*Read and record your nightly reading. Look for the note from the teacher when groups start and put the folder and books back in your back pack.

*Repack a cold water bottle

*Repack a small healthy snack and healthy lunch in separate packages (reusable and labeled)

*Label any outer wear you will take to school and be sure it fits in your back pack to keep it clean during the school day.

* Ask if there are any notes or notices to hand in tomorrow.