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Each week a different homework assignment is given. Since I assign homework by the week, it is due on Friday and your child is free to complete the work on the nights that are the most convenient for your family schedule. Each assignment is generally posted by the Friday of the previous week. Most weeks will contain a HW Packet that will be given out the first day of each week. I encourage strong time management skills and do not recommend doing all of the work in one night.

Readinga-z or razkids  teacher is mflannerye

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HW Week of March 2nd

Please be sure to read each night and do the reading group reading first. It is important to record this for reading minutes. It is very important to read aloud to a parent to facilitate conversation and vocabulary growth and understanding. Please time your child occasionally for one minute reading a new page in a book they are reading and then count how many words (on their reading level) they could read in the minute. We are looking for fluency growth and this is an easy way to monitor this.

Please be sure any remaining spelling words from the 300 word list are being studied each night.

The children were checked on reciting the months of the year in order last week. Please help your child with this if is not yet achieved.

Three possible book orders were sent home last week, and they are due this Wednesday. I included the online ordering code so that the orders can now be done with a credit card, if sending a check is difficult. Please do not send cash. This is of course optional.

We have a mid module math test this week and EH review is Tuesday at 8 am. We will also be doing our March math fact checkups this week. We will be half way through module five by the end of this week. I encourage ZEARN practice at home to help review all  the new concepts and strategies. Xtramath is a wonderful support for math fact fluency.

The HW packet should be checked at home for neatness and accuracy before Friday checking. Each student is encouraged to practice the fundations dictation errors in the notebook sent home. It is helpful to be sure the challenge words are learned. For many students this is where the growth opportunity exists.

Be sure to look for math HW in our math book. This must be prechecked at home by a parent, since it is not reviewed again the next day unless a child had a specific question. Feel free to review some of the HW pages  in module 5 to help your child prepare for this week’s assessment.



Our March report cards come home this week. Please remember that “no two flowers bloom in the same way”. We are looking for progress and a positive attitude toward future growth. Please encourage your child to reach toward further growth and read the self-assessments that come home with the report cards carefully together. 😊

Homework: Week of March 9th

Please complete the HW packet neatly and carefully. A parent should initial the packet after reviewing the quality of the work with the student.

Look for math HW as we continue through module 5.  At times we do the math HW in school and this allows for some, math fact study, ZEARN and xtramath time at home.

Where is your room 35 Achiever in ZEARN? Please go on at home and do xtramath at least one extra time a week. Both programs are independent work and they promote success in our math program when completed diligently.

Password reminders were sent home last Thursday. Please be sure this sheet is kept in a safe place.

We are reading two amazing chapter books in school, one of which was started last week. Please follow the post its on each book and don’t read ahead!!!!! Each child also received some reading fluencies to practice reading for one minute each. More are ahead.

Please look for writing opportunities together. Maybe your child can jot a note to a family member and mail it. Maybe they could help with the shopping list or keep a journal. The more each child writes, the better they will write.

How are you doing with contractions? Please be a contraction detective as you read and then think about the two words that made the contractions. The children are encouraged to write contractions too.

Our math scores from last week’s assessment went home Thursday and the math fact checkups for March also went home last week. Please be sure to check your child’s folder.

If you child is still studying the 300 word spelling list, it should be completed soon.



HW Week of March 16th 

We have a math end of module test early this week. We will be reviewing at extra help on Tuesday.There is a section on the test where the children are given problems like these below. It is worth reviewing at home. 



______-340= 424 

______=  830-190 

Be sure to complete the HW packet carefully at home and have it ready for checking on Friday. A parent should sign the HW for completion, accuracy and neatness.  The reading minute sheet should reflect all the reading group reading each night. This rereading should be completed with a listening adult so that a discussion can follow.  It is important to review the spelling words at home and the children are encouraged to make an effort to learn part of the challenge sentences. 

Math: After module 5 we will be learning more about repeated addition as it relates to multiplication. This concept is pretty simple and presents us with a little extra class time to begin reviewing telling time and counting coins. Please send in a ziplocksandwich size baggie this week ( maybe double bagged) with your child’s name on it in expo. Include: 6 quarters, 12 dimes, 12 nickels, 20 pennies. This money will be returned at the end of school year. Note: Counting coins and telling time on an analog clock are life skills that need to be reviewed at home too. Is your child almost on module 6 in ZEARN and doing xtramath to support learning the math facts?