Websites ( scroll down to find the dinosaur links)

Click on the websites on this page to extend your learning experiences.


Tree research:

  ( click on state tree gallery for these three)





State Research Websites

Match the states using this website. Copy and paste it into a new window:  great site for quick information   under almanacs, United States   then search and put in state name

This is a great website for all skills in grades one-five.




(copy and paste the link below in a new window)




Search by name on the site below.


 I sent home the log in info for two online encyclopedias to also use for research. Please look at the cover sheet for the HW.




President websites:






White House virtual tour:








Anchorage Daily News   The Anchorage Daily Paper

Cabela's Iditarod Race Coverage

Alaska Public Radio Network  audio race updates


Always a great site:Brain Pop

This is the link for the ABC order games!

Keyboarding Site

Share Your Breakfast site: Feed a hungry child!

 Are you interested in improving your keyboarding skills? Check out this free website for young children!


Underground Railroad sites can be found at this link below! Harriet Tubman and Underground Railroad info.


There are some great websites and activities on this link!

1. Go to

2. A new page will appear with a Login box.
Enter our Class User Name:
Followed by our Class Password:
(Please do not give these out to anyone outside our class family)

3. Click Submit.


You might also like to try:  go to student activities, computer lab favorites


President websites:



White House virtual tour:





Northern Lights:



Economics site:





Learning Games:



Bristlecone pine tree:



All about fish!







Solar System (Planet Research)Websites:   Click on the planets listed on the left side of the first page

Click on the planets listed on the left.

You might enjoy going on this website for NASA.

The children might also enjoy visiting this great site about the planets!






Are you interested in building your vocabulary? This is a great website for a family challenge. There is even a test prep question based on the SAT that you can discuss and try. It will keep the whole family sharp and provide some great discussions. This is my home page at my house! :)

Check out this site for the new pennies.


  Frederick Remington's paintings to view at home

Above you will find a link to the Native American Museum in Manhattan, NY.

Below is a map of where it is located and the admission is free if you are interested in planning a family outing! The children can preview the exhibits on the website.

This is a great site for hearing stories being read aloud by actors and actresses.


This is a wonderful site for researching topics, watching a movie on a topic and for building vocabulary using the word walls. It is geared toward K-3    passwords are available through Mrs. Flannery!!!!!


Ben Franklin Webquest



Check this out!!!!!!!


Library research help!  Go to the world book kids section.

Remember the log in and password from our class visit to the lab or ask me in school


    Women in History information will take you to the Nation Women's Hall of Fame


Seasons website:

Do you want to be sure you are saying an author's name correctly? If so, check out this site!


Black History

This is a site to visit with a grown up. It is too confusing for use just by a student. It does have great information.

This page was created by an elementary school class and it is fun to explore for Dr. King and Black History Month.


Plural nouns site-try the quiz.

 Brain Pop:  Trying to learn Spanish?  BrainPop en Español (

See Mrs. Flannery for the passwords!


Vocabulary enrichment that helps needy families! provides a vocabulary game for elementary students.....For every answer they get correct, the company donates a certain number of rice grains to third world poor nations....You won't believe how much rice has been donated in one year.....

Go to



Election day website: Learn more by going to


Information about Helen Keller is available at the Helen Keller Kids Museum

Looking to sharpen grade level skills? Try this site below.    Great  site for test prep practice!




Charlotte's Web fun:


Check out the games and vocabulary building! We want to be as clever as Charlotte!


Fun Geography:


Good math site from the Bond family.


We are trying to learn how to locate the states! Try these sites to help you!

 Fun states puzzle: Type in on the search engine google:

Place the state-intermediate

Then click on the first link that comes up!

Another fun puzzle about the states-


States research:

username: marionst

password: library

A game to test your knowledge of the state locations.

Look under Play, Games and scroll down at the arrow and look  for the US Geography puzzle map game.

 Exotic Plant Research Information


A website about collective nouns and interesting animals information.


Would you like to go online at the World Book site as a member?

got to

ID  Lynbrook

Password  Research


Here are some fun websites to explore.

user:  lynbrooksd   password: research

( A great reading website for fluency and phonics.)

Other great sites to try:  This is a great children’s search engine. This has extra activities from our classroom magazine. A password is needed. Ask the teacher! The password was distributed in school. Please send me a note for this information.   A Newsday site -our story-each Long Island town's history studied. A username and password is available from the teacher! Interested in learning more about the election? This site has a fantastic cartoon explaining the electoral process.    Great geometry section!  Harriet Tubman and Underground Railroad info.  (Sarah, Plain and Tall link) (navigating practice) A great place to ask a question!)

Healthy Eating Sites: Recommended by Cornell Cooperative Extension

Go to   Active8kids!


Health and Wellness:


Enhancing writing and vocabulary sites: