The Presidents Song

Tune: Bumping Up And Down In My Little Red Wagon by Raffi

Adapted by: Mrs. Flannery


George Washington and John Adams,

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison,

James Monroe and John QuincyAdams,

Andrew Jackson too.


Martin Van Buren and William Henry Harrison,

John Tyler, James Polk and Zachary Taylor,

Millard Fillmore and Franklin Pierce,

James Buchanan too.


Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson,

Ulysses Grant and Rutherford B.Hayes,

James Garfield andChesterArthur,



Benjamin Harrison and Grover Cleveland,

William McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt,

William Taft and Woodrow Wilson,

Warren Harding too.


Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover,

FranklinDelanoRoosevelt and Harry Truman,

Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy,

Lyndon B.Johnson too.


Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford,

Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan,

George Bush (the father) and Bill Clinton,

George W. Bush , Barack Obama and Trump!