(Sing to the tune of Yankee Doodle)

Allosaurus liked to bite,

It's teeth were sharp as sabers

It frequently with great delight

Made mincemeat of its neighbors.

Allosaurus liked to hunt

And when it caught its quarrey,

It tore it open, back and front,

And never said , "I'm sorry!"

Allosaurus liked to eat

And using teeth and talons

It stuffed itself with tons of meat,

And guzzled blood by gallons.

Allosaurus liked to munch,

And kept from growing thinner,

By gnawing an enormous lunch,

then rushing off to dinner.


I'd never dine on dinosaurs.

They can't be good to eat.

For all they have are lots of bones

And not a bit of meat.





Dinosaurs lived so long ago

they never had a chance to know

how many kids would love to get

a dinosaur to be their pet!

Bobbi Katz




Dinosaur Names

If the dinosaurs had such peanut-sized brains,

why were they given such difficult names?

Why not Beak Mouth or Bonehead or Horny or Chops,

instead of a mouthful like Triceratops?

And as sure as the winged Archaeopteryx flew,

a much simpler name like Fly Guy would do.

If dinosaurs knew that their names were so tough,

they'd turn in their graves and cause earthquakes and stuff!

Why not Spiny or Spike for our friend Stegosaurus?

And Stretch seems to work for the long Brontosaurus,

Their names should be simple and bold and distinct--

I wish that long dinosaur names were extinct!

Holly Davis



My Family of Dinosaurs

My sister, finkasaurus,

is a tattletaling shrew.

My brother, slobasaurus,

doesn't quite know how to chew.

My mother, rushasaurus,

finds it hard to be on time.

My father, cheapasaurus,

never spends an extra dime.

Our doggy, barkasaurus,

keeps the neighbors up at night.

Our kitty, scratchasaurus,

gouges everything in sight.

And then there's angelsaurus--

who, you might have guessed, is me--

the only one who's perfect in this crazy family.

Helen Ksypka


Dino Song

(tune:Twinkle,Twinkle,Little Star)

Apatosaurus walked on land,

Laid her eggs in nests of sand,

Ate the plants and leaves from trees,

A school bus came up to her knees.

Apatosaurus great and grand,

Was the giant of the land.


Compsognathus, little one,

Big guys ate him just for fun.

Quick as lightning he would race,

So they couldn't get a taste.

Then for hiding he would run,

He thought that was lots of fun!