In 5th grade all students will be completing a report of information. It will be done using 50 states, as this is what we are currently working on in Social Studies. The following is a list of links, to appropriate web sites that can be used as a resource, in addition to the books used in class and at the library.
 State Report
Resources and Helpful Web Sites

State Reports.pdf  - in case you loose your packet

Individual Official State Web Pages
  Click here find your state and do your research.

Ask a Librarian  When all else fails ask the librarian!

American Library Page    Explore the states with Help from the US Government.

Ben's Guide  Let Your Friend Ben Franklin show you around the United States.

Kids Corner Page  US Census Page for Kids.

US State Reports

Ocean County Library

Other Resources:

Web Site
World Book Online

Search this Encyclopedia for many facts and the history of your state

Encyclopedia Brittanica

Even more information and multimedia than World Book online

Class Brain

Excellent links to get all you'll need for your state report


One of the fastest ways to learn about your state flower, song, flag, etc.


Get fast facts about your state.

ABC Teach

More facts. Got enough yet?

The US 50

Wonderful pictures and information about all 50 states

Enchanted Learning Guess what? Even more information for your state report.

Don't guess how to properly make your bibliography.












 United States Regions Reports

Web Site
Wikipedia's Encyclopedia Scroll down until you find "Census Bureau-designated areas"
World Book Online This link will take you straight to World Book's information on U.S. Regions
U.S. Diplomatic Mission  
Infoplease Scroll down until you find "regions"


Or you may use other resources.