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Online Biology Textbook
A link to Biology by Miller and Levine chapter summaries and activities as well as chapter assessments that can be completed online!

FREE Prentice Hall Biology Textbook Podcasts
Download free podcasts for each chapter of the Biology textbook!  Listen before and/or after reading the corresponding chapters of the textbook. 

Curriculum Related Links:

Living Environment Core Curriculum
The key ideas from Standard 1 and Standard 4 that must be taught in Living Environment according to the New York State Board of Regents.

NYS Core Curriculum Laboratory Checklist
The laboratory and technical skills that will be evaluated by items found on certain parts of the Living Environment Regents exam.

NYS Living Environment Regents Review:

Barron's Regents Review

Home Instruction Review

Living Environment Regents Examinations

An archive of Living Environment Regents Exams, including the most recent LE Regents Exam.

Living Environment Regents Exam Prep

A great website to practice regents exam questions by topic and/or type (multiple choice or CRQ).

Regents Review LIVE
This is a link to a FREE 1 hour and 32 minute video which reviews the important concepts you will be tested on the LE Regents.  You can also view videos for other science Regents exams.

Study Guides and Strategies
An amazing website to help you develop study strategies to perform your best on exams, as well as strategies to help you stay focused, manage your time, and how to take good notes.

List of Great Science Links:

Science Aware
Helpful science links for general science information, teachers, students and career information.

Credible Web Resources:

An alternative to Wikipedia (that's credible!)

Action Bioscience

Articles on the issues of biodiversity, environment, genomics, biotechnology, evolution and more.

National Geographics

The National Geographic provides access to articles published in its magazine. 
NOTE: Not all of the articles are full text; they may only be long excerpts.

Discover Magazine

The website has tons of articles, especially in the fields of medicine/health, space and ancient time. Some articles are online-exclusive while others cannot be viewed in their entirety unless you have a membership. However, there are plenty of articles to access in full from past issues of Discover.


Search for articles (primary and secondary sources).

Science Magazine
Scientific research and news information.

Science News

The New York Times

Boston Globe

Washington Post

FREE (Federal Resources for Educational Excellence)
Wonderful website which has a bountiful amount of links to reliable sources and article. Can be used for all subjects.

Multimedia Resources:

Thirteen EdVideo Online
Access over 50,000 videos!! FREE to register!

Great Science Links:
(can be used for research as well)

Images and video of all life on Earth.

Genes and Diseases

Learn about genetic diseases and the genetic mutations that cause them.

Genetic Disorders
Information on genetic conditions /birth defects for professionals, educators, and individuals.

Medical Histology Index
An interactive site for viewing cells, tissues, and organs of the human body.

National Wildlife Federation

Website for endangered species (use link "in the wild" to access information on endangered, as well as extinct, species). 

San Diego Zoo Animal Bytes

PBS Nova

Fun Science Links:

I was wondering...
The Women's Adventures in Science (WAS) project is designed to support kids, especially girls, in their scientific explorations so they learn the fundamental skills of scientific investigation and feel empowered to tackle such adventures.

How Stuff Works
Learn how everything works!! (Thanks to Terrence Arjoon for this website.)

Museum of Natural History

Earth's History and Evolution

Research scientists are hoping that RNAi, already in human clinical trials, will treat a host of diseases, including AIDS, cancer, and Huntington's.

Other Links:

Create a Graph

Use this online graph-maker as an alternative to Microsoft Excel

Citation Machine

A great tool to use to create a Bibliography/Works Cited page. (Remember to use MLA format)

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