My Educational Philosophy

The way I was taught helped me realize that education is not a stagnate process.  While teaching demands much planning and structure, it is also very spontaneous and requires constant evaluation and reevaluation of students.  I use ingenuity and adaptability to adjust to the many situations that are presented within the classroom. It is this ability coupled with my intuitive nature that most benefit my students and helps them achieve their full potential.

The combination of effective communication and application of learned material in hands-on activities keep students engaged in learning and provides relevance of class material to the world beyond the classroom.  Without adding relevance or meaning to a lesson, students fail to value skills and knowledge to their everyday lives.  I excel at this because I have the patience and determination to differentiate instruction, approaching concepts from different angles, and introduce current issues in classroom discussions and reflections.  Furthermore, interdisciplinary instruction, incorporating skills and content from math, literacy, physics, chemistry and history, promote academic rigor and a greater appreciation for the connection between educational disciplines.  

It is important to incorporate my personality and various attributes (intelligence, kindness) to create a positive and encouraging learning environment, which allow students to fully comprehend the material at hand.  While it is important to guide students with proper understanding of curriculum, it is also necessary to implement problem-based and student-centered learning methodologies that provide students with strategies and skills that promote student leadership in initiating and creating positive learning environments. 

I have and always had a strong desire to help students become comfortable with their ability to learn and develop a sense of accomplishment.  Encouraging and nurturing a strong inquisitive spirit is what I find most enjoyable and gratifying as a teacher.  A teaching career is most satisfying since I have the opportunity to create an atmosphere of growth and academic appreciation, providing students with an education that is necessary for them to be successful.