Key Quote Analysis: 

•Identify a key quote from your Independent Reading. It could be something that you feel is important to the plot, reveals the character’s personality, reflects the conflict, etc. You must cite properly. EX: “Once out of the brush, John could sense the danger lurking” (Jacobs 38).
Your explanation must include the following: 
•Strong topic sentence (Jacobs utilizes _______ in order to…)
•Context/Background (At this point in the text…)
•Explain the effect of the literary element (How does it influence your reading of the text?)
•A concluding sentence that relates to society (How/Why question; prediction; instruction; anecdote)
Important Information on Key Quote Analysis:
  •  Key Quote Analysis will be graded as part of the Quizzes/Informal Writing section of your grade (30%)
  • Key Quote Analysis’ will always be due on Fridays. Check the announcement and news for upcoming due dates.
  • Click here --> Key Quote Analysis Example.docx for a sample Key Quote Analysis
  • Click here --> Key Quote Analysis Handout.docx for a Key Quote Analysis Sheet
  • Click here --> for Key Quote Analysis Rubric