Welcome Parents & Students!

Welcome to my class web site.  I hope that you enjoy your stay.  I hope to educate my students and prepare them for their next level of education as well as life.  We concentrate on character education as well as building self esteem. My hope is that my students leave my room prepared to face the challenges that seventh grade has to offer and understand that they can have anything in the world that they want.  They just have to go out and reach for the stars and persevere.

Quote of the Day:

"Winners are too busy to be sad, too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful, and too determined to be defeated."






Search Engines can help you find information on the Internet by using key words in your search. Listed below are some helpful search engines.



Google-a user-friendly directory organized by topics and placed into major categories.

Ask Jeeves For Kids-a quick way to find answers to your questions.

Kids Click!-a guide to over 1000 subjects for young boys and girls.


Yahooligansa directory that contains major topics and sub-topics of interest for boys and girls.


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Reference sources are any types of material which will help you obtain the information that you need for research or give you the answer to a question.


Merriam-Webster World Book Online
*Ask your librarian for the password.
National Geographic Map Machine
Dictionary & Thesaurus  Dictionary.com Your Dictionary


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  • America's Library- This site is designed by the Library of Congress and provides stories about famous Americans, facts about the individual states in the United States, information on American historical events and much more.

  • 50 States-This site provides many facts about each individual state in the United States.

  • InfoPlease/Learning Network- A great source which provides answers to all kinds of questions in all of the subject areas by using its own almanac, atlas, dictionary or encyclopedia.

  • WorksCited 4U- a website that automatically formats a works cited page for your report. All you have to do is enter the proper information.


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(Online Public Access Catalogs)


Let your computer go to the library for you... 
Click on the library website to search for the book you need.



links to 


the book collections of all the schools in the district.

links to 


the book collections and databases available at the Lynbrook Public Library.

links to 


the book collections of all public libraries in Nassau County.


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Here you will find some fun learning sites and sites just for fun...





  • Zeeks- a fun site where you can explore the Internet, work on school reports,  projects an

  • Fun Brain-a site with fun games in math, language arts, history and geography and much more!

  • 4Kids.org- a site thatprovides creative learning using the Internet.

  • Surfing The Net With Kids-this site brings you to fun educational sites.

  • Fact Monsterlearning fun in math, language arts and other cool stuff!

  • Great Sites For Kids-a little bit of everythinghis site will teach you how our government works and more.