This is where children navigate to when in Mr. Craig’s classroom and when working on the Chromebooks independently.  Using programs such as Dreambox, i-Ready, and Achieve, the students get plenty of opportunities to extend their learning further within and even beyond the school day.



Introduction to Blended Learning


 Blended learning will improve our academic program by combining high-quality online education programming with great classroom teaching.  This combination will benefit our students in several important ways:


  • Personalized  Learning – A student learns more and faster when the material is at the right level of difficulty and pace for him or her.  Blended learning customizes each student’s      education by (1) providing teachers with detailed, computer-generated information about the student’s learning needs and (2) freeing up more time for teachers to teach students individually and in small groups.       
  • Engaging Instruction – Blended learning makes learning more interesting for students.  Students will still learn from teachers, but they will also spend quality time learning from      engaging online programs and from each other in collaborative group projects.
  • Student Ownership – Blended learning gives students more opportunities to make decisions about how and what they learn, whether on a computer program or in a small collaborative group. When students feel “ownership” over their education, they are more engaged and their academic results improve.


In addition to the benefits for students, blended learning will also support us as teachers.  We will use technology to help our students to be more successful.  We will have better information about our students and more time to spend on teaching the more difficult concepts, while computers provide learning opportunities to develop and sharpen basic skills and knowledge.

Moving to a blended program will be a learning process for all of us and will require the support and patience of everyone involved. The support of our students’ families is particularly important. During this process, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  With your involvement and support, we are confident that this will be a huge step forward for our students.