Welcome to Information Processing BD101 & 102!


Ms. Blakey

Our goal is to help prepare students to become Microsoft Office proficient. The skills taught in this class will prepare students for the workplace, higher education and life beyond high school. Students should be able to use the skills taught in this class to become MOS (Microsoft Office User Specialist) certified.

At the end of this class/semester all students are required to complete a portfolio and a final exam.  In addition, students will be required to complete all assignments quizzes, portfolio and final exam in order to pass this class.

Our Curriculum

ü     Keyboarding skills

ü     Introduction to Word

ü     Introduction to Excel

ü     Introduction to PowerPoint


This semester you will learn Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  Assignments will be project-based.  All projects must have a project number, your name, the title and page number.    Each assignment must be completed by the last day of class, which is usually on a Thursday.   You will be graded on a scale from 1 to 10 for all assignments. A quiz will be given every 2 weeks.  One exam every marking period.  Your grade will be calculated in the following way. (class assignments + quiz + test).  Note that attendance plays an important role in your overall grade. Classes meet Monday-Thursday 4th period the time is 11:00 -12:00 pm. All assignments must be done during class.   

Class routine:

1.              Do now – Keyboarding a passage

2.              Assignment instructions

3.              Class assignment


Classroom rules:  

§       No cell phones, sidekicks, iPods should be visible during class sessions

§       Get to class on time

§       Be respectful

§       Take care of the equipment

§       Do not plagiarize


Class supplies:  

    1. 1-blue folder;
    2. 1-flash drive (1 gig or more)