Group 1 -- Personal letters
  • You will learn to type personal letter
  • You will gain experience centering a message on a page to make your work attractive.  Notice a comma is used after the salutation.
  • You will be introduced to the basic letter styles used for both personal and business correspondence.     
    • We will use the text book "Type Right" and begin on page 196-199
    • Note that the return address, the date and the complimentary closing all line up.
  • Letters are usually single spaced
Personal-business letter
  • This is a business letter written by a private individual.
    • The letter is used to handle a situation of  business nature
    • The salutation should say Dear Ms., Mr., Mrs., 
  • The business letter is addressed to a company or organization
  • The complimentary closing  should say:
    • Sincerely, Cordially or Very truly yours
  • Enclosures -- Tells the person who receives the letter that the sender has enclosed something in addition to the letter
    • We will use the text book "Type Right"  and begin on page 202-205 - exercises 2-4
    • We will use the text book "Type Right"  and begin on page 202-205 - exercises 2-4

Different types of letter
  • Modified block
  • Full block style
Group 2

1)   Class assignment:   Complete the hand out called "Cases and Places".               These are all Excel files:   Save these documents as "Term 2-firstname- project 9      exercise 3, 4, 5 and 6"

2)   PowerPoint Assignment:   Create a powerpoint document.  Save your      document as Term2 project1-firstname exercise 1     Slide  1 --- Effective Study Skills; strategies for college Success; Presented by; Seaview College
Slide 2  -- Managing Your Time;  Make a weekly schedule;  Stick to your schedule; revise your schedule when necessary.  Slide 3 -- Attending Class; Be present at all classes; sit in the front of the room; ask questions at appropriate time;
Take notes.  Slide 4 -- Reading Your Textbooks; survey the assignment; Read the chapter carefully; Recite the material in your own words; write brief notes in the margins; review the entire assignment

Things to consider when creating a powerpoint presentation:
  • Use two to three fonts only in your presentations
  • Use capital letter for your title
  • 5-6 points per slide and 8-9 words on each line
  • Graphics  should relate to the topic
  • Do not clutter each slide
  • Use  sounds  and animation to bring your topic to life.
  • Keep background consistent 
  • Use dark text on light backgrounds or light text on dark background

Class assignment