This booklet is designed to guide you through the steps of developing a research paper or project.  Your teacher and your librarian will be working closely with you to determine the following:

  • What topic statement or thesis is acceptable
  • How many sources are required
  • Where to find your sources
  • What the final project will be
  • What date the project is due
  • What the penalty for late submission will be


What is research?

Research is how you find the answers to all kinds of questions about all kinds of topics.  Working along with your teacher and the librarian you will use this research guide to take you step by step through the process of “doing research.”

You will find yourself wondering about ideas, formulating questions and deciding upon a topic statement or thesis that states your position. 

You will formulate keyword search terms and use them to investigate and search authoritative sources for in-depth facts and evidence.

You will draw conclusions from the evidence, develop an opinion and organize your findings to support your position or argument.

Finally, you will express your ideas and share your findings with others.



  • MLA7 format for written papers
  • Works Cited Page for all papers or projects
  • Use of Authoritative Sources
  • Manila Envelope or folder to keep your work organized