3. Have your parents comment on your blog in the comment section


2. Be prepared to discuss the Website you would like to create and how you will obtain ideas from three different websites that you created.

a. What suggestions could you give to another student to enhance his/her website?

b. Do you know any web sites that inspire you in this content area?

c. What challenges could he/she face with creating this site?

d. Have you seen anything like this anywhere else?



1. Go to the following URL: 
and answer the following questions in Microsoft word.

    What is an IP? An IP Address? 
    What is the connection between the Internet and Universities 
    What factors influenced the Growth of the Internet 
    Who owns the Internet? 
    Where do all these services come from?

Downloading, Uploading, URL - (Uniform Resource Locator)  
Protocol, TCP, IP, IP Address, SMTP, POP, POP2, POP3, FTP, HTTP, SPAM, 

Go to http://www.stimulus.com/education/terminology.html Define the following Key Terms:
Servers, ISDN Modems, Broadband, ADSL, DSL, Cable Modems HTML - (Hyper Text Markup Language), DHTML, XML, JAVASCRIPT, JAVA, VRML, CGI, PERL, PHP, JAVA Servlets, JAVA Beans, C, C++, MIME, IRC, USENET, Cookie(s), SGML, DTD
Answer the following questions:
1.How do Servers access the 'Net? 2.How do you access the 'Net?