Explore Task + Create Task only; no multiple-choice exam
Digital Portfolio due date extended for all students to May 26 at 11:59 p.m. ET


Students go to digitalportfolio.collegeboard.org and log in using the College Board student account and password.

Upload your Explore Task which are the two pdf files:

1. The Computational Artifact

2. The Written Response

Make sure you met the word count requirement and PLEASE use the proper citation. 

Monday March 23rd

Finish Encryption project. Contact each other thru Trello.





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4.Download the book blown to bits


Activity 1: 


Overview of Explore Task





Activity: Complete the  Computing Innovation Outline Handout then use the information to answer the questions in the Written Response Template With Sentence Starters 


 Explore Task Resources

Explore Task.pptx

Intro. To Beta Explore Task.pptx




AP Explore Task Questions

1. Computational Artifact 

Provide an illustration, representation, or explanation of the computing innovation's intended purpose, its function, or its effect. The computational artifact must not simply repeat the information supplied in the written responses and should be primarily non-textual. 

2. Written Responses

2a. Provide information on your computing innovation and computational artifact. (~100 words)

  • Name the computing innovation that is represented by your computational artifact.
  • Describe the computing innovation's intended purpose and function.
  • Describe how your computational artifact illustrates, represents, or explains the computing innovation's intended purpose, its function, or its effect. 


2b. Describe your development process, explicitly identifying the computing tools and techniques you used to create your artifact. Your description must be detailed enough so that a person unfamiliar with those tools and techniques will understand your process.(~100 words) 

 Computing Innovation

 2c. Explain at least one beneficial effect and at least one harmful effect the computing innovation has had, or has the potential to have, on society, economy, or culture.(~250 words)

2d. Using specific details, describe: (~250 words)

  • the data your innovation uses;
  • how the innovation consumes (as input), produces (as output), and/or transforms data; and
  • at least one data storage concern, data privacy concern, or data security concern directly related to the computing innovation. 


2e. Provide a list of at least three online or print sources used to create your computational artifact and/or support your responses to the prompts provided in this performance task.

02 - Citing References.pptx 


I. Students will work on their Explore Tasks in groups but their information should be different. Students will paraphrase their answers.


II. Groups will work on question 1 using the resources from nylearns.org/kmason

 1. Computational Artifact

Provide an illustration, representation, or explanation of the computing innovation's intended purpose, its function, or its effect. The computational artifact must not simply repeat the information supplied in the written responses and should be primarily non-textual.

Sample, Sample1, Sample2

watch video 


Activity 2

Aim: How does objects demonstrate Modularity?

Do Now: Work on Computing Innovation Outline Handout (10 min)


What is Modularity? Modularity helps with that. When you break code up into small chunks, it's easy to tell what each of those small chunks does, and then see how they all fit together. With regards to OOP, you can create classes and objects that would allow your code to be better organized.

Activity: Open p5 and duplicate the code. Write the comments in the code How does modularity apply to creating your objects?

videovideo , array of bubbles


Object Code


Project 1 due date February 24th

The entire class is going to create a game based on this code .

Give me your email address and I will add you to Trello group once you make an account.


Look over:


(Learning ConditionalsConditional Examples)


More with Khancademy


Create a flowchart using this link (flowchart guide)

Pay attention to the DEADLINE chart

I. Brainstorm the name, type of game and assigment of tasks due February 10th

II. Interface GUI due February 12th

III. First draft of alogrithm one or two working elements due February 14th

IV. Working game due February 24th



Aim: What is the overall function, purpose and effect of the Internet?


Do Now:

Activity: Complete reading on BJC link,  Khanacademy and Albert.io,


Homework : Albert due on the February 27th and Assessment1 next Friday


Pre Create Task




Project Idea:


Create a program in p5 using the Quizlet terms above.


The program should display all the questions from quizlet with their answers, in a creative way.




Ideas to make this creative:


1) Flashcards (easy): Display flashcards each holding a quizlet question, where flashcards are all displayed in list format so you scroll to see each card (as opposed to slideshow). When a flashcard is clicked, the answer will display. Some flashcards should have input options too, so the user can input the answer. You can use two arrays-one holding the questions and one holding the answers. Or, better yet you can use one array of objects, where each object has two properties: the question and its answer.




2) Flashcards (medium) Same as (1) except the flashcards will be displayed as a slideshow. This means that when the user runs the program, one flashcard will show with the question. When user is ready, there will be a "next question" button that displays the next question.




3) Multiple Choice (hard): Display multiple choice questions. Thus, display the question and four different multiple choice options. Depending on which multiple choice option user clicks, the program will either display a red X  or green check. Aside from multiple choice there should be input questions too, so the user can input the answer. Altogether, this can be displayed in list format or in slideshow format.


Aim: What technology is involved in Cybersercurity? 

Do Now: Why is it important to know about cybersecurity?

Activity: Create an animated infographic about cybersecurity. Due March 16th

Utilize these links

looping through array tutorial

substitution encryption method demonstrated
intro to objects
challenge: intro to objects
Public Key