HOMEWORK#1 Due next Wednesday

You will take 8 pictures based on the theme "Art Can Be Found Anywhere". Describe how you met the requirement of the photo.
Each picture should contain the following:
(1)low angle, or high-key color link 

(2)slanted, line link 

(3)extreme close-up  shape link 

(4)sharp background value link 

(5)blurred background sharp focused shape linklink2 

(6)pattern  link,  link2,  link3,   

(7)texture link 

(8)emphasize the shape link,  




Homework # 2 Tuesday February 11th

Create 10 photos illustrating the following concepts:


1. Framing can give the viewer the impression of looking through something to the subject. The frame directs the eye's gaze.
Framing that surrounds the subject. Framing that adds depth to the image by establishing a foreground or background.

2. Lighting Photography is all about light. Direction, color, hardness, it's all about light. To control what happens in your photograph you must control the light. 


3. Viewpoint: Before photographing your subject, take time to think about where you will shoot it from. Our viewpoint has a massive impact on the composition of our photo, and as a result it can greatly affect the message that the shot conveys. Rather than just shooting from eye level, consider photographing from high above, down at ground level, from the side, from the back, from a long way away, from very close up, etc.


4. How does extracting Color change the photo.


5. Crop - How does the cropping add emphasis


Explain how you applied these concepts. 




 Photo Scavenger Hunt


Directions: For your first photo shoot you will be going on a scavenger hunt. You will need to find interesting examples of the items listed below. I expect you to use your knowledge of the rules of composition when taking photos. These items chosen are meant to build your skills of seeing (actually looking) things in your surroundings more carefully 
as well as to develop your artistic senses. These items also contain various elements & principles of design 
in order for you to be aware of how these fundamentals work within a composition.




Shoot as many examples as you would like. Pick two of your best shots for each word and place them on your jump 
drive in a folder labeled “Scavenger Hunt.” Then label each jpg file according to the listed names below.
 Ex. “line 1.jpg” and “line 2.jpg”




  1. A line – curvy, wavy, straight, diagonal… your choice      


  1. Contrast – in color, in texture, in size, in shape, in style, in point of view… your choice            


  1. Beauty:  what that looks like to you is all your choice


  1. An Ants View Of The World – looking at the world from down low or very small


  1. Shape – look for natural, organic, or accidental shapes–circle, square, rectangle, triangle, octagon, hexagon… your choice   


  1. Form – anything that is 3 dimensional – it has length, height & width, it exists in the “round”  


  1. Something That Represents You – Anything… really think about how you could do this visually


  1. Texture – soft, smooth, rough, crusty, bumpy, sharp… 


  1. A Symbol – Something you can look at & understand visually – without words you understand its meaning


  1. The Rule of Thirds – find or create strong examples                                                                                                               


  1.  Extra Credit: Focal Point Dead Center – keep in mind it must be mirror image to work appropriately. 




5 = Excellent       4 = Good                3 = Moderate     2 = Weak                1 = Poor                  0 = No Points




5               4               3               2               1               0            Depiction of the Assigned Themes




5               4               3               2               1               0             Overall Center of Interest and Composition




5               4               3               2               1               0               Overall Creativity and Uniqueness




5               4               3               2               1               0               Overall Exposure and Lighting




5               4               3               2               1               0               Overall Clarity, Sharpness, and Focus




5               4               3               2               1               0               Emotional Response or Aesthetic Draw




5               4               3               2               1               0               Effort and Motivation




5               4               3               2               1               0               General Following of Directions




5               4               3               2               1               0               Proper Format of jpg files, Organization




5               4               3               2               1               0               Class participation and eagerness to learn




 Edit all of the Scavenger Hunt pictures. Explain how you enhanced the photos and how it affected the meaning or symbolism of the picture. Place and label the photos before and after.


in Powerpoint 


Before/After Powerpoint


You will interview your favorite presentation and class photographer.


Use the following questions:


1. What do you feel is your most successful photo and what is the meaning, story or symbol behind the photo?


2. Which photo do you feel you successfully used the Rule of Thirds, Fill the Frame, Framing, Lighting or Color in one of your photos?


3. What tips can you give to take a stunning picture?


4. What more would you like to learn about photgraphy?