Unit II: Astronomy 


Image result for Sun motion diagram                          Image result for phases of the moon diagram


Astronomy Unit Note Packet:2 - Astronomy Notes Student.pptx


* Click on each image below to view a short tutorial video to go along with each section


Section 1: Apparent  Motion        Image result for apparent motion diagram

 2.1 Apparent Motions.pdf
2.1 SUP Apparent Motions (1).pdf

Celestial Dome sheet pdf doc.pdf

Suns Path of NY sheet PDF doc.pdf

  Sun Diagram Sheet.docx





Section 2: Actual Motion              Image result for eccentricity

 2.2  WKSHT Actual Motions (1).pdf
2.2 SUP Actual Motions II.pdf
2.2 SUP Actual Motions.pdf
2.2 WKSHT Actual Motions (2).pdf

Hours of Day and Night Review Sheet.pdf

Coriolis Effect sheet.pdf

Tides Video Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GP-ADLJasdo






Section 3: Solar System               Image result for solar system

 2.3 SUP The Solar System II.pdf
2.3 SUP The Solar System.pdf
2.3 WKSHT The Solar System.pdf





Section 4: Stars and The Universe                  Image result for hr diagram

 2.4 LAB Classification of Stars.pdf
2.4 WKSHT Galaxies and Stars.pdf
2.5 WKSHT The Universe.pdf
2.6 WKSHT Review Sheet.pdf

Big Bang doc sheet PDF.pdf
EME PDF doc.pdf
What is a Star sheet pdf doc.pdf




 Astro Rev Q PDF doc.pdf
Astronomy Practice Test PDF doc.pdf

Astronomy Review Questions.pdf

Astronomy Study Guide.doc
Unit Test Study Guide

Astronomy Vocab Folder 3.docx 


Please read this article about Pluto and write a paragraph summary about it:



Make your own astrolabe:



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