Rocks & Minerals Unit

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Unit Notes (blank) :  5 - Minerals and Rocks GUIDED NOTES.pdf



Note Master : 5 - Minerals and Rocks MASTER NOTES.pptx







Section 1: Minerals and their physical properties:

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5.1 Minerals WKSHT.pdf

Tutorial Video for minerals:  Minerals and Physical Properties Video

Mineral ID Guide .pdf

Characteristics of Minerals:

         All minerals are: solid, naturally occurring, inorganic, have a set chemical composition, and a definite crystalline structure. 




Section 2: Igneous Rocks:

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5.2 Igneous Rocks I SUP.pdf

5.2 Igneous Rocks II SUP.pdf
5.2 Igneous Rocks WKSHT.pdf

Volcanoes Video

Igneous Rock Identification Chart Explained Video

Three-Types-of-Volcanoes ppt.ppt

Igneous Rock Review Sheet.pdf





Section 3: Sedimentary Rocks

5.3 Sedimentary Rocks SUP.pdf
5.3 Sedimentary Rocks WKSHT.pdf

Sedimentary Rock Identification Video Image result for sedimentary rock

How Sedimentary Rocks form video

Fossils Video

Sedimentary Rock Review Sheet.pdf




Section 4: Metamorphic Rocks:

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5.4 Metamorphic Rocks WKSHT.pdf

Metamorphic Rocks Identification Video

Metamorphic Rock Overview Video

Rock Cycle Chart Video

 Metamorphic Rock Review Sheet.pdf
Mineral and Rock Review Sheet.pdf



Additional Resources for Minerals & Rocks:

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5.5 Rock Buzz Words SUP.pdf
5.5 The Rock Cycle WKSHT.pdf

5.6 Review Sheet WKSHT.pdf






Use your review book, ESRT and the internet to fill in this table on minerals. You may print it or email it to me when it is completed. Also answer the mineral questions 1-20. Put the answers to 1-20 in the same document after the table. If you have any questions you may email me and I will reply.


Mineral template.doc

Mineral 1-20 questions.pdf

Mineral template.pdf