Weather Unit Materials


Unit Note Master: 3 - Weather Master Notes.pptx

Extreme Weather Video:  Click Here


Section 1: Cyclonic Storms Image result for cyclonic storms

3.1 Cyclonic Weather I sup.pdf
3.1 Cyclonic Weather II sup.pdf
3.1 Cyclonic Weather wksht.pdf
3.1 Hurricane Katrina lab.pdf

Devistating Tornado video clip: Click Here

How to survive hurricane:



Section 2: Weather Variables 

3.2 Weather Instruments II sup.pdf
3.2 Weather Instruments lab.pdf
3.2 Weather Instruments sup.pdf
3.2 Weather Instuments wksht.pdf

Station Model Practice Activities: Basic Station Model Practice Sheet .pdf
More Station Model Practice .pdf


Section 3: Weather Instruments Image result for weather instruments

3.3 Weather Variables lab.pdf
3.3 Weather Variables sup.pdf
3.3 Weather Variables wksht.pdf

Video: How to use the ESRT to find Relative Humidity and Dew Point Temperature 


WIND CHILL and Lake Effect Snow

Wind Chill Reading and Questions: Wind Chill.pdf and Chart: windchillchart3.pdf

 Lake Effect Snow: Lake Effect Snow Formation .pdf

Lake Effect Snow Questions.pdf


Lake Effect Snow Radar




Section 4: Air Masses and Fronts Image result for air masses and fronts

3.4 Air Masses and Fronts (1) wksht.pdf
3.4 Air Masses and Fronts (2) wksht.pdf
3.4 Air Masses and Fronts lab.pdf
3.4 Air Masses and Fronts sup.pdf
3.4 Weather Fronts sup.pdf

Air Mass review video

4 types of storm fronts review video:

Fronts Activity: Fronts Practice Sheet.pdf


Review/Additional Info:

Midterm Study Guide: Midterm Review Document earth sci.docx

3.5 Annotating Class Notes.pdf

El Nino video clip