Introduction to Earth Science


Intro to Earth - Intro to Earth Notes.ppt
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Rate of Change Practice:




Unit 1: Mapping Earth

Unit 1 Note Outline: 1 - Mapping the Earth NOTES MASTER.pdf


Section I: Latitude and LongitudeImage result for latitude and longitude

1.1 WKSHT Latitude and Longitude.pdf
1.1SUP Latitude and Longitude.pdf

Link to You Tube video about minutes in lat/lon Cool


Section II: Fields and Isolines Image result for isolines

1.2 SUP Field Maps.pdf
1.2 WKSHT Field Maps.pdf
Isoline Practice 2.pdf

Contour Lines Rules.pdf
Countour Line Rules PPT .pdf

Link to You Tube video about drawing isolines Cool


Section III: Topographic Maps

1.3 SUP Topographic Maps III.pdf
1.3 SUP Topographic Maps I.pdf
1.3 SUP Topographic Maps II.pdfImage result for topographic map
1.3 WKSHT Topographic Maps (2).pdf
1.3 WKSHT Topographic Maps (1).pdf
1.3 WKSHT Topographic Maps (3).pdf

 Link to You Tube video about topographic maps Cool


Section IV: NYS Landscape Regions, Drainage Patterns, & Quad Maps

1.4 SUP NYS Landscapes.pdf
1.4 WKSHT NYS Landscapes.pdf
1.6 WKSHT Review Sheet.pdf

Landscapes surface drainage.pdf
Image result for NYS Drainage patterns

 Link to You Tube video about landscape regions Cool



mapping review packet.pdf

Alternative notes for possible review activity.