6th grade Science is a study of Physical Science.  We will explore topics such as metric measurement, forces, energy, and chemistry.  There is a great deal of detail behind each of these topics and it is very important for students to study their notes every night and to ask questions everyday.  Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday.  There will always be at least a week's notice before all tests.  Quizzes and homeworks will also be part of the grades, and they are used to be sure that students are putting in effort studying and reviewing nightly!


Please be sure to bring in your supplies.  You will need loose leaf paper in a section of your binder for Science.   Also, please have pencils, pens, a metric ruler, and a highlighter. 

You will be given a textbook to take home and keep at home in a safe place.  It will be used for homework assignments and for studying.


*** If you need to access One Note from another device that is not your tablet you can use the tutorial below to review the steps to follow:

If you can not open this link, cut and paste it into your browser.  This link can also be found in Edmodo on the October 17th posting.


*** Homework is posted on Edmodo.

***Click on the What's New link ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THIS PAGE to access other links to sites that have videos, pictures and interactive activites related to our topics of study.  This can be helpful for review, and also for students interested in developing a deeper understanding of a particular topic.